Technical Advisory Group workshop
TAG you're IT: Technical Infrastructure in Open Source Communities
June 16, 2021
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM Eastern Time (16:00-20:30 UTC)

Help Desk

Description Go here if you are having any problems signing up for the workshop or if you have technical issues getting into the workshop sessions. Use the following link to reach our Help Desk.

Main Hall

Description Ready to join the workshop? Go here first to hear the main speaker events starting at 10:00AM. This is our workshop schedule.

Workshop Breakout 1:

11:40 AM

  • Breakout Room 1: Open Source Security
    Protecting your community from vulnerabilities is critical to your project's sustainability. Join us as we identify tools and best practices for open source security.
  • Breakout Room 2: Production Readiness: Planning for Success
    Building software for a global audience requires a good plan. Join this discussion to share ideas on what it takes to be ready for when your community grows!

Workshop Breakout 2:

1:05 PM